Erkend Ambacht

Official Craftsman

As a craftsman, you can apply for legal recognition from the Craftsmen Committee of the Federal Public Service (FPS) Economy.

This recognition validates the authentic nature of your activity, the manual aspect of your work, and your expertise as a craftsman or craftswoman. Thanks to the logo you are allowed to use as a result of your legal recognition, you can expect increased visibility among the public. This small advantage for your image can also give a boost to your activity!

Since the law came into effect in June 2016, more than 1100 craftsmen have received this legal recognition from the FPS Economy. They are listed in a register that is updated after each meeting of the Committee or Council.

In January 2023, I submitted an application with an accompanying dossier to obtain this recognition. Shortly after, I was contracted to provide more details about the processes used, the materials utilized, etc. and then there was a period of silence because the committee only convened on March 6th to assess this.

On March 7th, I received the joyful news via mail that the application had been approved!

It is an honor to be able to use this name and logo, so from now on, it will be prominently displayed on the website and at the entrance of the workshop.

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