About Studio Didi

I'm Didi

According to my ID card, my name is Davy, but many know me as Didi, a passionate potter. In addition to my job as an IT consultant, I find joy and fulfillment in creating unique ceramic artworks. Combining these two worlds is an exciting challenge that I wholeheartedly embrace.

For as long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated by the art of pottery. The ability to create something beautiful from raw clay has always intrigued me. I like to spend my free time in my ceramic studio, where I can let my creativity flow freely and develop my own style.

As a full-time IT consultant, my work is dynamic and demanding, but I've discovered that pottery provides a perfect outlet for my artistic expression. It helps me relax and take a break from the technological world. Moreover, it allows me to channel my creative energy and fulfill my passion for ceramics.

In addition to my passions as a potter and IT consultant, I am also a proud father to my son, Ricky. Parenthood is an amazing experience that constantly challenges and inspires me. Ricky is my greatest source of joy, and I do everything I can to spend quality time with him and guide him in his growth and development.

On this website, I'm happy to share my ceramic creations and experiences with you. Here you can view my portfolio and learn more about my background and artistic journey. I hope that my work inspires you and perhaps even encourages you to discover your own creative passion.

The Lotus Flower

The logo features a beautiful lotus flower, and I would like to share with you why this symbolic element was chosen. The lotus holds profound meaning closely tied to my passion for ceramics and my life philosophy.

The lotus is a flower traditionally associated with purity, beauty, and spiritual growth. It is a plant that grows in muddy water, yet it remains impeccable and untouched. For me, this symbolizes the transformation and growth that occur during the pottery-making process.

Just like the lotus root is firmly rooted in the muddy ground, I begin my creative journey as a potter with raw clay. By using my skills and patience, I knead the clay and shape it into a beautiful piece of art. This process of shaping and molding reflects the growth and development we undergo in our own lives.

The lotus flower is also known for its ability to grow towards the light. Even in the darkest waters, the lotus reaches upward and blooms beautifully in the radiant sun. This reminds me to always remain optimistic, even in difficult times, and to use my creative power to bring forth beauty and joy.

Furthermore, the lotus holds strong symbolism in various spiritual traditions. It represents enlightenment, purification, and the attainment of spiritual growth. As a potter, I also experience a sense of fulfillment and inner peace when I fully immerse myself in my creative process. Shaping clay is a meditative practice that connects me with my deepest self.

Through the logo, I aim to inspire my customers to embrace their own transformation and growth. It symbolizes the beauty that arises from working with raw materials and developing our skills. I hope that my studio can be a place where people can discover their creative potential and blossom, much like the beautiful lotus flower.

The Studio

The studio exudes an unmistakable atmosphere of serenity, where every visitor immediately feels at home. The decor has been carefully chosen and infused with soft tones that harmonize beautifully with the natural light streaming in through large windows.

The beating heart of this studio is the stunning Rohde equipment, where craftsmanship and innovation converge. Each potter's wheel, kiln, and tool exudes a sense of durability and precision. Here, you'll find a collection of the finest instruments that elevate the art of pottery to new heights.

The space is designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Everything has its designated place, creating a sense of orderliness and efficiency. It's a place where the outside world fades away, leaving only the process of shaping clay. In this studio, time stands still, and the art of pottery becomes a meditative experience.

Whether you're a seasoned craftsman or a newcomer stepping up to the potter's wheel for the first time, the studio welcomes everyone with open arms. Here, dreams can be transformed into tangible, beautiful creations.


Rohde EcoTop 60
Rohde TE-S 200


4 x Rohde HMT-600 with ergonomic chairs.