Lotus Candle

Congratulations on your Lotus candle! This handmade ceramic candle is crafted with love and attention down to the smallest detail.

The use of 100% soy wax not only ensures a long burning time, but also an environmentally friendly and soothing atmosphere in your home. Your choice for this unique Lotus candle not only underlines your appreciation for traditional craftsmanship, but also contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Thank you for your purchase, I hope this candle fills your environment with warmth and serene elegance.

Practical information

  • If the wick does not light the first time, you can light it again.
    The soy wax sometimes needs time to do its job.
  • Do not leave the candle burning unattended.
  • When the candle has burned out, you can refill it or use it as a bowl.
    The bowl is dishwasher- and oven safe.

How are they made?

You can watch a video about making the Lotus candles via the button below.